28 december 2008

Winning thanks to teaching

White to move and win

A few days before this blitz game i had given some youth players of my chess club the lesson on how to crash thru the king's position. So i knew what to play in the above position. I am now gonna give you the same lesson so that you can give me the solution of the above position.

1. Mate of Anastasia
The power of knight and rook. The knight drives the king in the corner, meanwhile taking the squares g8 and g6 under controle, and the rook finishes the job.

Mate of Anastasia.pgn

2. Mat at the bottom row
A rook or queen at the bottom row can lead to mate if the king cant move forward.

One may even give away material to become this.

Mate at bottom row.pgn

3. Mate of Blackburne
We need:
- a black (white) king that has rokaded on the kingside
- a black (white) rook on f8 (f1)
- two white (black) bishops who stand on the diagnals a1-h8 (a8-h1) and b1-h7 (b8-h1)
- a white (black) knight on g5 (g4)

4. Mate of Boden
Based on the mate with two bishops

The game Macdonell-Boden in 1869 is the first known game with this mate

Mate of Boden.pgn

5. Mate of Damiano
A combination of a queen with an open h-line with a pawn or bishop on g6.

mate of Damiano.pgn

6. Mate of Legal
Mostly seen in a game of beginners who cant resist to grab the queen.

Mate of Legal.pgn

With the above one has solved the first diagram in a flash. Or not? Well if you want to find the solution on your own i give you the advise to scroll up again and try to solve it because below i give the solution of the first diagram.

Solution of first diagram


A nice ending isn't it. :-)