3 april 2009

With thanks to Caissa!

Recently Caissa helped me with my results.

In game one my opponent blundered a piece in a slightly better position for him.
In the second game my opponent blundered a piece in a won position for him.
In the third game my opponent refused to play the winning moves.

So i may not complain about the results of these games (flowers and belgian chocolates where put on the shrine of Caissa) but cannot be pleased with the moves i played although i may also not be to harsh on myself since it wasn't all bad.

But still these games showed me that i have plenty to learn like for example not to look at my opponent's rating. If that rating is lower then mine it makes me a bit disrespectfull of the opponent. Not in manors but in thinking that the game is already won wich offcourse is far from the thruth.

Secondly my will to win has to be better. If i want to improve i even have to go all out against higher rated players instead of being drawishly carefull.

Thirdly, i have to stop worrying about my own rating. It's a number, not something that says how much i will end up with on my paycheck at the end of the month. Worrying about my chess strenght is what i have to do.

Oke, here are the games

Me against 2123

Chesstiger - 2123.pgn

Me against 1514

Me - 1514.pgn

Me versus 2260

Me - 2260.pgn