7 mei 2009

Did you ...? Yes i do!

Did you never want to start from scratch again so that you could have a blog with only eye-catching and jaw dropping blog entries? I certainly do but it would be crazy to make a new blog again and hope for the best. So instead of a new blog i gonna try to write, compose, such entries on this blog from now on. Fingers crossed and putting my worst critic (myself) at the sideline.

Did you never wanted to forget all you knew about chess (thoughtproces, theory, tactics, ...) so that you had a fresh start all over but this time learning the correct things directly from the start of your chesscareer?

After doing this International Chess School (ICS) 13 month course for a half month i do wish i had found this course sooner. It opened my eyes, i discovered how bogus my thoughtproces is but also how i can fix it. It will be a long, rainy and windy road i have to travel before i get it all right. But armed with a trusthed raincoat, a roadmap and confidence the walk will be a pleasant journey thru chessland.

I can see you shift already back and forwards on your chair with a burning question on your lips. I can see you have raised your arm so that i would choose you to ask the next question. I know which question you wanna ask. But before i can answer it i have to put the proposed thinkingproces by ICS into practise so that i can give you a honest and fair opinion about it.

So lower your arm and stop wriggling on your chair. The secret(s) of thought will be made public later, when i can say it works for me or not, which things are easy to implement or you dont have to bother about. You see, still much work to do but i will do it!