29 augustus 2009

Painstakingly slow

I am dead tired each day after one hour working on my chess. I couldn't have guessed that i would be that rusty after three months absence of chess. Even the easiest problems give me a headache. Problems i would solve instantly before my long break i now have to doublecheck to see if i didn't miss anything or just didn't notice after my first scan of a position.

So i guess its time that i dust of my shelf of chessbooks so that i can find the book "Back to basics: Tactics" from Dan Heisman so that beside reading about (beginners) tactics i can also solve the exercises during my half hour of train ride to work in the morning and half hour train ride back to home in the evening. This in the hope that when my eyes visualize something that has to do with chess my brain wakes up, quickly deciphers it, on its own, without me having to pull my hair because of misery first.

So one can say that my study goes reasonable (atleast i always find the solution of the exercises) but it takes time to be a full chess geek again like i was before my break. But, fingers crossed, slowly but certainly i will get at the same chess level i was before and lets hope also beyond.

22 augustus 2009

Vacation is over

Vacation is over and i am already a week going back to work. It was a lovely time without any responsibilities. Just a leisure time with me, myself and i, mostly away from the chess board, chess literature, chess ... . It was all by all a wonderfull, relaxing time with tempatures which were to high to be comfortable for me.

The only chess i played was during my first week of vacation. I played in Gent at the international tournament. My score 4,5/9 is not bad, expected, nothing out the ordinary. Winning against lower rated (+1700), losing against higher rated (+2100) with exception of two rounds where i drew an englishman, rating 1760, after a boring game and a 1780 rated dutch girl in a game where in the end my piece lost against her three pawns.

The rest of the vacation was only sleeping, watching tv, adjusting to the hot weather.

From monday on i will start all over with the ICS course, i hope to get month one quickly under my belt again so that the chess train is rolling again.