23 december 2009

Thoughtproces and something about practise-study ratio

Many questions have been asked about thoughtproces. Many answers have been given, both by respected chess players like IM Silman, NM Heisman, GM Kotov, GM Aagaard, ... and amateur players from my chessclub and in the blogosphere.

The best answer so far,in my personal opinion,comes from GM Natalia Pogonina at her chess.com blogpost "getting-better-in-chess-critical-mistake-to-avoid".

She is right on the money when she writes that a suitable thoughtproces can only be formed by playing lots of games. By games i mean not bullet, blitz or rapid games (which are only good to get a feel of new studied openings) but games of atleast 60 0 (60 minutes and 0 seconds increment) because afterall you must have some time to think during the game at hand.

The rules, examples, of thoughtproces given by Silman, Heisman, Kotov or Aagaard one must see as guidelines, not law. Because i can honestly say that my thoughtproces isn't 100% the same as one of the mentioned players/authors. I have taken a piece from here, a piece from there, a chunck of ..., to mould my thoughtproces and so have many other chessplayers that i know.

In this article GM Natalia Pogonina also writes, and i quote: "success is 80 percent practice, 20 percent study". With this i have a problem because if i study one hour i must have 4 hours of practise. I doubt my practise/study is 4/1 based, rather 1/1 (or 50-50 if you like it more percent wise).

Does that mean i will never face succes? Offcourse not! I will never be GM or even IM but i have seen many players, who are in the same situation as i, namely "working class" who can reach FM-level. Some even make it to IM but they have something that i dont really possess namely chess "Talent". I have to work hard for every little rating point i can get my hands on. :-)

I guess for us, working class people, a ratio of one serious game (of atleast 60 0)a week is sufficient to go a long way in the practise department. Wich means about 50 games a year, which i know from personal opinion, is doingable. I have about 43 (official) games a year, if i dont count in the games i play in a major tournament in the summer holidays. The quickest timecontrol is 40 moves in 2 hours + 15 minutes to end the game. So if i can do it, so can you.

To end i wish you, dear reader, best of luck in your endeavours, both on the chess front as in real life. Have a happy and pleasant 2010.

21 december 2009

A.C.I.S. of Caissa: The plan

It took me a whole lot of time to come up with a suitable plan of action. I still am not sure i gonna follow the right path. But i have to make a decision and move on, standing still isn't an option. So after the celebrations of christmas and new year my study plan will be Total Chess Training of Convekta.

Total Chess Training contains five unique, training programs on one CD. Chess Tactics Art 3.0; Strategy 2.0; Encyclopedia of Middlegame; Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders; Studies 2.0 covering every phase or aspect of the game. All in all Total Chess Training includes more then 9000 commented games and positions to be solved for chess players with ratings from 1800 to 2400! Total Chess Training is the product of the best Russian chess instructors' efforts. Take advantage of their training and knowlegde now, and rais your playing level to a nez standard.

How did i make this chess study decision? Mostly thanks to talks with my friend the IM. Without hesitation, or batting his eyes, he ensured me that i have the already the qualities and the strenght of a 2000+ player and that he was kinda shocked to hear that in the royal belgian chess organisation my rating is only 1897.

He advised me to work on my thoughtproces with this total packet of total chess training. Solving all the exercises, tactical as strategic as middlegame as fun opening bloopers and studies will help strenghten my thinking during a chess game because i will need to think during all these exercises and studies.

My plan may look one-sided on thoughtproces but since it contains all aspect of the game, expect endgame, its certainly a total package. So cross your fingers and pray to whatever God your religion descrive and lets hope that its enough for me to break that magic 2000 rating border.