1 januari 2010

New belgian ratinglist has come out

The new belgian rating are out. I have been looking forward to it for awhile since in the midst of the year i dropped out of the 1900st to 1897 belgian national elos. How strange and stupid that it is, i felt hurt and pain when i dropped out of the 1900st.

I had been a 1900+ player for so long that it felt weird not to be one anymore. So when i got my first glance on the new ratinglist my heart made a little jump of joy. I am back a 1900+ player. My rating got up with 10 points to 1907.

However, if i look at things over a year i can not feel happy. In the total of a years time i have a total standstill. Zero rating points raised, zero rating points lost. With other words, i am not constant enough in my chess strenght. The first part of the year i played under my 1907 level while the second part i played stronger.

I hope i can maintain this level of play i have had the last part of the year and so come closer to my (for now) ultimate goal of breaking that magical 2000 border. So if you wish my good things for the new year pray that i reach my goal quick. :-)