24 juli 2010

Belgium Championship, part two (rounds 4-6)

Because of my good start of 2.5 out of 3 i got to play on the seventh board in round 4. My oponnent Van Vliet D. opted for the french defense against my 1. e4. Since i only decided before this championship to switch to 1. e4 i hadn't time to prepare so my opening i would have to play by experience of games i played in the past. Lucky for me i play with black also french so i know atleast something about this opening.

Here is the game.

Round 5 i had to play against Schuermans, R. (2104). I played a good game but in the end i went (wanted) to far, played 32. Qd6 instead of 32. Qe5 and payed the prize by getting mated. Darned.

Here is the game.

Round 6 i think i was lucky that my opponent didn't play agressive so that i could fight myself back into the game with a draw as satisfied result for me against Hajenius, W (2050).

Here is the game.

13 juli 2010

Belgium Championship, part one (rounds 1-3)

The Belgium Championship was played from 3 to 11 july 2010. I hadn't played for about two months so i hadn't any expectations. I just wanted to see if the advise people gave me after my previous blog namely to change my opening from 1.d4 to 1.e4, was something to pursue in the future.

My first game was against a 1400+ player. With black i played the french opening but felt really rusty so after some tries to win an endgame with N+4pawns against B+4pawns i agreed to a draw after i didn't see any chances to win anymore with my knight that was tired of jumping all over the board.

Second game against a 1300+ player went alot easier. With white i played 1.e4 and got 1.e6 as reply. Normally i would have replied with 2.d4 but i decided to do it differently and played 2.Nf3 just to avoid theory. The game went in my favor very soon and after a bishop sacriface on h6, which wasn't accepted, i had no problem to finish the game with a win.

Third game, with black, against a 1700+ player didn't start well. I lost the quality and white had all the play. But with a tactical trick of removing the defender (see diagram at the left: 1. ... Rc1+ 2. Rxc1 Qxb5) i got Q and B against two rooks and soon after i would win another rook after which my opponent resigned.

Here is the game of round 3. I would have also gave you the games of round 1 and 2 but somehow my notationforms ended out in the washing machine with paper pulp as result.

Next blogpost i will discuse rounds 4 to 9 of the belgium championship. But for now i need my time to prepare a little (mostly rest with this warm weather) for the international tournament of Gand which starts this saterday. Until later