2 augustus 2010

Belgium Championship, part three (rounds 7-9)

With 3,5 out of six rounds i am still on schedule. But i had no time to relax. Every day a game of 2 hours for forty moves and 1 hour KO in heatwave tempatures (around 35 degrees celcius) makes it in more then one way a sweaty bussiness despite the fact that the airconditioning made it a little bit cooler (about 5 degrees) in the playing venue.

Also, being a member of the organising club makes it that you cannot relax after the game since their is always something that needs to be done on the organisational level. Lucky for me our club has marvelous members so the load of the work was carried by many shoulders.

So far my switch to 1. e4 has gone reasonably well. But without any book knowledge things must go wrong at some point. The game of round 7 was my worst game of the tournament. I never was in the game, running after the facts, no real idea what to do or what i was doing.

Round 8, wasn't a game for briliant play but atleast i had some idea what i was doing, atleast after the opening phase. :-) It was my shortest game of the tournament. Not because of wonderfull play by me but by a blunder of my opponent.

Round 9, my opponent had prepared himself by looking up my games in chessbase. Apparently i am good enough to have games in that database of high standard games. However, he found only games with 1. d4 as opening move so when i lashed out 1. e4 as first move he thought i had prepared myself against him aswell. He decided not to play his normal variation of the sicilian defense. With other words, i had a little psychologic advantage at the start of the game since now we where both on not so familiar opening territory.

By rating i was 45th in the open division. With my score of 5,5 out of nine rounds i finished at the 33th place in the standings. A better result then i expected coming out of a six month slump.